Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions
What is a deductible and will I have to pay it?
When you purchase your insurance policy, you pick a deductible that applies to your collision and comprehensive coverages. Deductibles are part of the repair cost and your insurance company covers any cost above your deductible. McDaniel’s Quality Body Works collects all deductibles that apply.
Will I have to pay a deductible to fix the person's car that I hit?
No, only when you repair your vehicle.
Will I get a rental car when my car is in the shop?
If you are filing a claim on your policy, you will only get a rental car if you purchased the rental car policy. It is a separate coverage. If your repairs are being covered by another person's policy, you will receive a rental car as part of their liability coverage.
My insurance estimate is less than the body shop's estimate. Do I have to pay the difference?
No. We honor most insurance company estimates, therefore bring us the estimate they approved. In most cases, we try to write a complete estimate up front whereas the insurance company may want to wait until the vehicle is in the shop to come get an agreed price with us.
Can the insurance company use aftermarket and salvage parts to repair my vehicle?
Yes. Your policy spells out the type of parts to be utilized during repairs. If it was the other person's fault, state laws allow insurance companies to use like kind and quality parts that are determined to be equal quality to OEM.
Can I just leave my vehicle at the shop when I come for the estimate?
Not normally, but in some cases. If you have an insurance claim and they are covering the cost of your rental car, they will require us to pre-order your parts and schedule your repairs, otherwise we can accommodate drops offs, in most cases. Scheduling your repairs after your parts have been received is our most efficient process.
The insurance company made my repair check out to my lien holder, what do I do?
Some insurance companies choose to make claim payments co-payable to the vehicle lienholder. In this case, you must obtain the lienholder β€˜s signature prior to picking up your vehicle. If you would like our assistance in obtaining the signature, there is a $75.00 fee to cover postage/handling and the check must be presented to us when you schedule repairs.
Is my vehicle a total if it has frame damage?
No. Vehicle makers design frames to be repaired providing the shop has the proper equipment and follows correct procedures. If the shop determines the frame needs to be replaced, the insurance company may then consider the vehicle a total loss.